Map Your Twitter Friends

If you are a hardcore Twitter user (and who isn’t nowadays?) then I bet that you follow people all over the world, but do you really know where they they hail from?

This map will allow you to just enter your Twitter username and see all the people you follow plotted on a Google Map. I made a Yahoo map of Twitter friends before, which proved amazingly popular so I wanted to improve upon it, so this is version two. Please read the blog entry for the full list of improvements and feel free to add any comments there.

Twitter Google Map

So, here is the map with the set of people that I follow plotted upon it. Note that only tweeple that supply their location to Twitter (via their profile settings) are shown, so typically only about 80-90% of people you follow will appear on the map.

A Map Of Your Own

You can enter your twitter username in the form below to customise the map with your own data, then scroll down and we’ll show you how to add it to your blog or website:

And here is the HTML code that you can use to embed it in your blog:

Share Your Map

If you’re not sure how to add the map to your blog, here is the procedure for WordPress:

  1. Create a new page or post
  2. Edit the page adding a title and what ever text you want to introduce your (don’t forget to tell people to follow you on Twitter!)
  3. Switch to HTML editing mode and paste the code from the textbox above at the bottom of your page
  4. Don’t switch back to visual editing mode (the code would be discarded). Just publish your page instead

I found a handy video that covers this in more detail (and also shows how embed into blogs).

Like It?

I hope you like this latest version of the map, if you have trouble then you can leave a comment on my blog which I’ll do my best to answer. Please also Digg, Stumble, Twitter etc and remember you can follow me on Twitter!


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