MMMeeja’s Web Traffic Analysis Services

Many business people have complained that the web is all hype and does not deliver concrete benefits to their organisations. Analysing the flow of visitors through your web site can help gauge the return on investment and increase its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

  • Do your visitors arrive at the home page and then immediately end their visit? If so, maybe the google search that they used to find you doesn’t reflect your business. You might be sending out the wrong messages.
  • If visitors arrive at the homepage, linger and try a few links, they have found the right place but they cannot find the specific product or service they are looking for. Perhaps you could make navigation easier?
  • Visitors that navigate to a product page and linger are probably checking out your competitors. If the visit does not end in a sale, you need to explain what differentiates you from your competitors.
  • As the saying goes, “the web is not print” and web surfers expect to interact with you quickly and easily. Understanding your web traffic can really help you reach today’s web savvy audience.
  • Are other web sites displaying your images on their site? Find out and cut off their supply of free bandwidth.
  • Are hackers or spammers interested in your site? Find out why and how to stop them.

MMMeeja will prepare a comprehensive report from the logs produced by your web server to help you turn dry statistics into an action plan. Combined with our web site analysis services, our traffic analysis reports can make your site highly effective.


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