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I Think Someone At Google Likes Me

Posted on 14 Aug 2008 by - Permanent link Trackback this post Subscribe to this post Comment on this post -   

Wow, chalk up two successes for me with Google!

After complaining about a dialog in Google Reader, they fixed it a few months ago. Another Google annoyance was that I’d been seeing a lot of emails being marked spam in Gmail that I wanted in my inbox.

The problem was that all comments and submissions from the contact form get sent to my email account and, unfortunately, spammers have been trying to abuse these forms. Whilst I was happy for the spam comments to get filtered, a lot of legitimate stuff was being falsely marked as spam too. Rocks

I set up a query on Get Satisfaction (a truly superb web application) and received some good advice, but none of it quite worked.

Then, what do you know? GMail added a new filter option, “Never Send It To Spam”. My wish was granted!

Props to Susan Beebe for alerting me to the addition, otherwise it might have passed me by completely.


What should I ask the Google fairy for next? Any suggestions?

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 Lee said at 2008-09-09 14:02


Why not ask for a rise in the SERPS? After all, if you don't ask, you don't get :D

 MMMeeja said at 2008-09-09 14:09

Re: Googlewish

Good idea, a link from the Google homepage would be nice too.

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