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Is Your Blog Creating A Buzz On Social Media?

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Early warning radar

Lots people use social media to find new and interesting content nowadays and clever blog authors can monitor those networks to find great promotional avenues for their content, join the discussion or react to head off bad publicity.

Social media moves fast, very fast - digg has around 100 popular posts per day - so you need to react quickly to catch the buzz before it moves on. This post will explain how to monitor some of the more popular social networks for your blog and get notified quickly.


The secret sauce for this technique is RSS, a protocol for managing streams of information. As a blogger, you probably know all about RSS but if you’re not using it yet, get to it!

Almost all social media sites provide RSS feeds, some more comprehensive than others. This post shows how to monitor feeds from Technorati, FriendFeed, Reddit, Digg and

First you’ll need an RSS reader or (better still) account with a feed agregator, Google Reader is perfect and it’s free.

The Internet Is A Series Of Pipes

Luckily, engtech over at Internet Duct Tape has done a lot of the hard work for us in the form of two Yahoo Pipes.

The first will monitor Technorati for recent mentions of your blog. Just enter your blog’s URL, run the pipe and subscribe to the feed.

The second pipe check Digg and Reddit for mentions of any URL in your domain. Very cool stuff. As before, enter the URL, run the pipe and subscribe to the feed.

FriendFeed Makes It Easy

It makes good sense to monitor FriendFeed for mentions of your blog because it incorporates information from many sources, like Stumbleupon and Tumblr that are not covered in this post and can be difficult to get information from.

By contrast, it’s a piece of cake to get the information you seek from FriendFeed. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the public tab.
  2. Enter your blog name in the search box at the top-right.
  3. At the bottom of the results you will see a label “Other ways to see this search” with an RSS icon next to it.
  4. Click the icon and subscribe.

Nice and easy.

A Pipe

Another Yahoo Pipe is used to find pages of your site tagged on, this time by Adam Boulton over at iCrossing.

The pipe can be found here and it works in the same way as the others - enter your domain, run it and subscribe.

Four Social Sites Tracked In Three Feeds

Warning light

Now you have your site and/or brand monitoring setup, you can check the resulting feeds daily or even create a early warning system with Twitter. It’s nice to watch an article become popular on one network (and thank the original Stumbler/Digger/Redditor, of course) and you can be drafting a follow-up whilst it is hot.

Missed One!

How could I miss out the wonderful TweetScan?

TweetScan gives you a feed of any mentions of your name/brand/blog on Twitter, the microblogging runaway success.

Any more services that you think I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.

Photo credits to Brian Harrington Spier and Aubrey Arenas respectively.

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