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Hacknorth Cancelled But SNZero Was Good

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So, most of you now know that Hackday North was cancelled after Dom’s announcement on his blog. To borrow Dom’s words, I’m gutted too - it promised to be a fun day, with lots of geeky (and non-geeky) activities planned.

After a chance meeting on Park Row, we decided to meet up for a beer and catch up. As luck would have it, we settled on Wednesday evening - the night of a new event called Social Networking Zero (AKA SN-Zero).

Social Networking ZERO

Organised by Matt Pallat of 26.point.1, the premise behind SN-Zero was to get back to the roots of social networking, to allow digital marketing professionals to talk to each other around tables that had beer on them, not netbooks with free wi-fi.

The event fulfilled its brief perfectly, thanks to sponsor Hotfoot Recruitment’s generous free bar and the hard-working staff at The Adelphi.

The night was well-attended by a mix of people from the tech scene in Leeds and everyone was getting merry when I left (quite early, sorry!). I hope that Matt continues to organise more SN-Zero events.

Barcamp Adelaide, Anyone?

Whilst I’m on the subject of social geeks, it looks like a BarCamp is being organised for Adelaide. It’s still in the very early planning stages but if you want to get involved, do get in touch with Monnie.

I hope to get involved, and I might even present something.

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 Dom Hodgson said at 2009-10-03 13:57

Mini Hack

Theres a still a few people meeting and hacking at my house today + tomorrow, your more than welcome to come along :) 

 MMMeeja said at 2009-10-03 14:01

Re: Mini Hack

Cheers, Dom.

I'm tempted but I've been told that I'm going to the Charming Armley Cake competition. Cake or death, cake or death?

 Edward Company said at 2009-10-08 14:14


"Cake or death, cake or death?" - classic Eddie Izzard sketch! That takes me back!

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