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See You At Startup Weekend Adelaide?

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Wow, it’s been almost eleven months since my last post!

I’m still here and still living and breathing technology, just having to juggle fatherhood in the mix.

Now that I don’t have as much time, I need to pick and choose which tech events I attend carefully but one upcoming weekend got me excited and negotiating babysitting duties with my partner - Adelaide Startup Weekend.

What Is Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend Logo

A startup weekend is a high intensity 54 hours that brings together developers, designers and business/marketing people with the aim of building a pitch or prototype between Friday and Sunday evenings. Along the way you get access to venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs to (hopefully) help steer you towards success.

The short runway limits the complexity of ideas which can be explored and prototyped but I think that the event is more about learning and networking than ending up with a world-changing business on Monday.

Am I Pitching?

Truth be told, I don’t know yet. I’d like to, but I need to find an idea that is practical to execute within the event’s constraints and is exciting enough to allow me inspire a team of people I’ve never met through a long, hard weekend.

I have thrown a few ideas into Google Moderator so please vote, discuss or add your own here or in the comments.

I expected any idea that I do pitch to evolve significantly over the weekend and even if I don’t pitch I’m very excited to get access to business (i.e. non-technical) people that are interested in using technology to solve problems.

Are You Going Along?

If you will be attending Startup Weekend Adelaide, then please get in touch. There’s no harm in a little pre-event networking.

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 Richard said at 2012-03-14 11:33


I'd agree with the "Google is starting to suck. I want my ten blue links back!".  Google's strength was always its simplicity, but a simple usability test (watching my dad use it!) - shows that it can now be quite confusing for non too net-savvy people.

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