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Will April Fools Day Be Cancelled Next Year?

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On the day of the year when it seems like every site on the internet tries to fool its readership, posting false statements to the internet has been officially banned by government leaders. Heads of the G20 nations meeting in London today issued a short but grave statement decrying frivolity during these dire economic times and announcing a global internet censorship program.

During the press conference, Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and President Hu Yoo of China stated that in future every internet post must be held to the highest standards of factual probity.

An international body will be formed to vet every file, blog post, page and comment uploaded to the internet. Formed under the auspices of the United Nations, the body will be known as the International Standard for Truth In Network Communications and will be led a chairman appointed by treaty signatories. Former Vietnamese leader, Saloth Sar has been tipped by insiders to head the organisation.

Successfully pulling off an excellent early April Fools prank yesterday, Smashing Magazine claimed that IE 8 might actually be useful. This is thought to be the last ever hoax to be perpetrated through the internet and the world’s police forces are poised to arrest any merrymakers that might be tempted to ignore the ruling today.

Here is a video of the full press briefing at the G20 summit - check out the disbelief in the reporters’ voices at the end!

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 ival said at 2009-04-15 05:19


That is scary man, why you couldnt put any jokes anymore?

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