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TwitterFox Preferences In Depth

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I’ve said before that TwitterFox is my Twitter client of choice because I spend most of the day working in my browser. Despite its awesomeness, I think TwitterFox could be improved with better documentation than provided here, so I’ve compiled an in depth look at the TwitterFox settings.

Twitterfox context menu

Most of you should know that you can right-click on the TwitterFox icon (at the bottom-right of the Firefox window) to see a menu offering a number of options. Most should be self-explanatory so we’ll be concentrating on the dialog that pops up if you choose “Preferences”

Twitterfox preferences window


At the top of the dialog is a section that allows you to configure which Twitter accounts you want to use with TwitterFox - did you know you can use more than one? It’s a great feature for Twitter application developers that need multiple accounts for testing.

Below the accounts section, we get to the meat of the preferences.


First up, the “Get Tweets” combo allows you to specify how often you want the extension to poll Twitter to check for new tweets. If you see the red T icon, hover over it and check the tooltip message. If the message says “Rate limit exceeded” then you can use the “Get Tweets” combo to reduce the polling rate. Twitter vary the number of calls per hour to manage load on their servers, so I use this setting quite often.

Next, comes the “Popup Interval” which determines how long the temporary window showing the latest tweets will display for. If you are a slow reader follow verbose people, you’ll want to show the popup for longer.

Keyboard shortcuts for TwitterFox can be changed with the next couple of preferences. Note that the defaults (Ctrl+Shift+L, Ctrl+Shift+P) clash with another Firefox extension, Firebug, so if you have both installed and you’re a keyboard demon, you’ll want to change these.

A load of checkboxes next...

Popup Display

This determines whether the little window will show when a new tweet is received. I have this turned off since I find it easier to deal with tweets in a batch. Note to the TwitterFox developers: if Popup Display is unchecked, disable the Popup Interval combo.

Window Display

Uncheck this now!

You know when you read a list of twenty new tweets and one about halfway down has an interesting link, so you click it and TwitterFox closes, marking all those tweets as read? Annoying, isn’t it?

Unchecking the “Window Display” checkbox stops TwitterFox from closing.


Overwriting the browser cookie is usually a good thing, unless (like I mentioned above) you’re testing a Twitter application with multiple accounts. For most people, this preference shouldn’t matter.

Notification Sound

You can get TwitterFox to make an annoying noise when new tweets are received. It would annoy me so I shall speak no more of it.

Bonus Tip

I can’t believe that more people don’t realise this, but clicking the link symbol in the TwitterFox window (next to the “Recent” tab) adds the URL from your current tab to any tweet you are about to send. Very helpful.

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