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I Have Not Been Blogging Often Enough

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They say that bloggers should never apologise for not publishing regularly but I’m about to break that rule - my writing and twittering and commenting has dropped significantly recently and I want to offer you an apology and an explanation.

Over the past few months, I’ve been gearing up for the launch of a significant new project.

This has meant that I’ve not had quite as much time to spend on producing the kind of content that I think my readers want and deserve. I want to assure all my subscribers (both of you) that I will continue to blog and produce fun little mashups like my twitter map.

I hope that you will forgive me the recent drop in posting frequency.

So what of the mysterious project that has taken up so much of my time recently?

Well, launch date was the 5th December 2010 and the days since then have been a whirlwind of rapid development, scheduling changes and priorities that change daily.

I can’t understate the importance of this venture - I am 100% committed and consider it way too important to fail.

But, I’m still teasing you dear reader - I haven’t given away any details yet. So here we go...

His name is Marcus and he’s my son:

Marcus Murdoch

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 DTH said at 2010-12-21 09:28

Cute Baby :)

Marcus is so so so cute....Muhhhaaaaaaaa

You should not feel bad if you not continuosly blogging as it happens. I am sure you will give your best and make people around happy by giving them amazing posts.

 Cardboard Cutout said at 2011-03-01 12:40

So Sweet!!

Aawwwww that's so sweet!!!! That's the sweetest reason that ever existed for not being able to blog. Well, this is last year and I see you've posted other articles. Anyway, enjoy your time with him. I was really touched by this post, I will always be following this blog for sure.

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